No Water for Entire Neighborhood

Tuesday 25 June 2024 07:55:25 AM

Location: 4900 Sammons Ave Bakersfield, CA

Categorie: Water


Since the early morning of Saturday, June 22nd 2024, the entire neighborhood around Shirley Lane Elementary School, including my home, has not had water access. Most of us were not advised that the water would be shut down either. It is typical of the Victor’s Water employees to not inform us of shut downs or any issues unless we happen to find them and ask. On Sunday they went around the neighborhood giving 2 packs of water bottles and said we would PROBABLY have the water back on Monday. Today is Tuesday, June 25th 2024, and we have gone 3 days without water. The neighborhood has been relying on the Shirley Lane School’s water supply. We have been experiencing a heat wave in Bakersfield with weather over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and no way to turn on our home cooler or provide water to our animals. We can’t properly use our toilets or shower without needing to go out and get water constantly. There may be people who live alone or do not have vehicles to transport water to their homes easily which is another problem. I have seen elders walk in the heat to Shirley Lane on foot to get 5 gallons of water; 5 gallons is not enough water for the day and they have to continuously go back and forth. Something needs to be done because this is not okay. We pay our water bill just to have our water taken away. I understand complications occur, but we pay so much money for maintenance of the water supply, yet due to their negligence we have been left to struggle. Where did all that money go?

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