Water issues

Monday 24 June 2024 05:19:24 AM

Location: S Fairfax

Categorie: Water


Our neighborhood receives water through Victory Mutual Water Company. It is ran by a man named Bill White. On Friday I guess the motor/pump went out on our well. There is another pump that went out over a year ago and never repaired. This has left our neighborhood without water. Bill said it would be fixed by Tuesday hopefully, but has told other neighbors other times. We only know what happened and how long it would take because we went to find out. He never let anyone know what was going on himself. He has employees (family members) so there is absolutely no reason they could not let everyone know. When asked why it takes so long he said people don’t work on the weekends!!!!! Today, Sunday his employees brought 1 case of water by and said there would be a discount on our bill next month. We have many chickens that will die without water. Many people around this area are living in older homes and use swamp coolers that need water to run. I can’t imagine how hot they are right now. There are many elderly people living in this community. This situation is unacceptable for a lot of reasons. The people running the water company are as crooked as they come!! I really believe they need to be investigated. They feel they do not have to answer for anything and this has been going on for so long they just do whatever they want. Leaving all these people without water for so long can not be legal!!

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