Improper Oil Spill Disposal

Saturday 5 June 2021 08:30:00 AM

Location: Kern River Parkway near Enos Lane Crossing (Bike Path)

Categorie: Water


An oil pimping jack is in service located along the bike path near where the new extension (to Taft Highway) begins. We (my riding partner and I) have observed a significant and progressing spill accumulating over the prior weeks (6 weeks or more); the berm was full of spilled oil the week before. However, on June 5th, I noticed a nonsensical spreading of fertilizer along the bike path (no plants, grass, or watering system) that extended for nearly a mile. I also noticed the spill was removed and could see the evidence of heavy equipment operations at the pump-jack site. On this day (Saturday) the odor of the fertilizer was prominent, but the odor of hydrocarbons was also noticeable. I believe the spill I observed prior was recovered and mixed into the fertilizer, then spread along the path leading to a much bigger and harmful environmental issue.

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